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Navigating on canals and rivers

Enjoy your cruise and discover simple pleasures.

Festive spirit
From Spring to Fall, navigable canals are decorated by the local fairs and festivals atmosphere. The lively music will lead you till beautiful squares in villages full of floats. Listen to a folk music concert or an open-air jazz festival and don’t miss a procession of wine growers.

Local food
Buy and enjoy, after mooring, the typical and fresh local products. Enjoy the delicious atmosphere of the markets with essences and scents. Buy wine directly at the winery, ham and traditional pâtés in local specialist butchers and fresh fruits and vegetables in vegetable patches.

You can practise fishing in canals and rivers if you have previously got a permit, that you will find in fishing shops and in some off-licences (price: 30 € approx. for a “holidays” licence, valid for 15 days).

Indispensable to discover the surroundings of the mooring spot, to visit villages, to sightseeing, or simply to go buying some bread. Bicycles will let you to meet other people that will make your stay unforgettable.

The sundeck
Some boats have a sundeck which is very nice to enjoy the environment and the good weather during your cruise or taste local specialities.

If you prefer the calm of the countryside, think of respecting the nature: do not leave anything behind wherever you go. On the other hand, if you choose the full of life cities or villages, their town halls put at your disposal ports and mooring spots. In exchange, sometimes, of a reasonable amount, these places will give you a comfortable and practical access to better visit any place.

Along the itinerary, you will find more or less locks and bascule bridges. Passing through is free. It can take from 10 up to 20 minutes to pass a lock through.
Some of them are automatic, others are manual and the lock keeper can require your collaboration, (we remember that lock keepers are official agents an you have to follow their instructions).
In France, locks stay closed 3 days a year for national holidays: 1st May, 14th July and 1st November.
In Charente, the navigator must manœuvre on their own, which will let you to pass through whenever you wish, no schedules.
Watch this very interesting video of how to pass through locks (in French).

Cruising speed
The average speed is around 8 km/h. Plan to sail not more than 4 or 5 daily hours and this way you will span about 30 or 40 km. Remember the necessary time to pass through a lock!

Technical assistance
In an improbable case where you find some difficulties during your cruise, our local staff is at a simple phone call away 24/7 days.

For any inquiries or if you need further information about fluvial cruises, you can contact us and we will give you a quick answer.

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