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River tourism and cruises
in Poland

In Poland there are two different regions that we can choose for enjoying our fluvial cruise.

In the northeast, the Masuria known as the land of 100 lakes, spreads from south to north – Poland is the country with the most lakes in Europe. All the region has a rich and diversified fauna, as well as a lot of kinds of birds, especially swans, cormorants and royal herons. A real paradise for nature lovers.

In the northwest, from the city of Rybina, you will discover the veritable Poland. On the waterways, you can discover its history, traditions and folklore very well preserved, without missing its diversified cuisine.

There is a different Poland for every navigation passionate, kayak lover, fan of History, hiker or fisher, etc. This country offers the opportunity of discovering Europe and enjoying the fluvial tourism for a good price.

Fancy having fluvial holidays in Europe and discover the hidden treasures in Poland?

Discover the regions in Poland

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