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River tourism and cruises
in Poland

In Poland, we find 2 different regions where you can enjoy the advantages and pleasure of a river cruise.


In the north-east, Masuria, known as the country of a thousand lakes, stretches from north to south, making Poland the country with the most lakes in all of Europe. You will be able to enjoy a wild and preserved nature between lakes, contemplate the ruins of the Gizycko Castle and observe a great diversity of flora and fauna. All this makes it an ideal area for nature lovers.


With its 4000 lakes scattered in the middle of the forests, the Mazuria will delight you with the opulence of its flora and fauna. In addition to the traditional gray herons and swans, you can discover beavers, deer, wild boars and bison, including wolves and lynxes.


Its departure base, Mikolajki or “pearl of Mazuria” has only 4,000 inhabitants, but in summer it becomes a great tourist center full of life. Its port is full of sailboats. The village hosts various cultural events, such as the Festival of the Song of the Sea, and especially many sailboat races.


The cities of Pisz, Worgorzeno, Ryn and Wegorzewo, are surrounded by forests and lakes with impressive fauna. You can visit many churches and castles in the Gothic style built by the Teutonic knights who once reigned in these lands.


You can reach Mikolajki by plane through Warsaw (260 km), by train, the station is 2km from the base, or simply by car.


In the north-west, starting from the city of Rybina, you will discover the true Poland. On a houseboat without licence you will be able to discover its history, its traditions and folklore, so well preserved, without forgetting the great variety of regional cuisine.


There is something for everyone in this country, whether you are passionate about sailing, kayak or canoe lover, history enthusiast, hiker or fishing …


Poland offers the possibility of discovering Europe and enjoying river tourism at a very good price.

Let’s spend a river vacation in Europe and discovering Poland’s hidden treasures!

Discover the regions in Poland

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