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River tourism and cruises
in Germany

A river cruise in Germany is ideal for nature and water sports’ lovers.

Travel through a romantic Germany, discovering Mecklenburg and Brandenburg, the twin regions of historic Prussia. From the great spaces of the Müritz lake to the capital, Berlin, you can navigate in a green universe where it’s dominates a resplendent nature. Berlin was built thanks to this waterway. Take advantage of Plaver Lake , which is one of the largest lake of the region. On its north shore, take a walk in a 300-hectare nature reserve, a paradise for nature lovers and ornithologists. Stochline Lake, famous for its clear water, offers an underwater view of up to 12 m, an unforgettable experience for diving lovers. For some tours, a license is required, please contact us.


Brandenburg surrounds the vibrant metropolis Berlin with greenery and nature. Just an hour’s drive from central Berlin. Wide horizons, cultural heritage and a rich landscape of lakes and rivers.

It is a region with very little population density; a little Venice of rivers and channels that cross the Forest of the Spree and a Prussian Arcadia with Potsdam, a UNESCO World Heritage city: full of magnificent palaces, lush parks and over a thousand years of history.

Regardless of the travel destination, holidays in Brandenburg are always green! Auen National Park, the «Unteres Odertal», three UNESCO biosphere reserves and eleven natural parks: approximately one third of the entire surface of the region is a protected park. Here, visitors will be able to explore intact landscapes with the more than 7000 km of bicycle paths available.

Culture at the gates of Berlin: with more than 500 palaces and stately homes, garden art and Prussian architecture.

Outdoor festivals in historical settings: the Potsdam Sanssouci music festival and the Brandeburgo Summer Concerts. Evidence of the history of the two Germanys and of the industrial culture of Brandenburg. Cycling along the Wall route, strolling along the Glienicker Brücke or visiting the Cecilienhof Palace.

More than 3,000 crystal and clear lakes and river landscapes over 30,000 kilometres long make Brandenburg the richest state in inland river channels. These spaces can be discovered in a contemplative way, or practicing sports, with a wakeboard, canoe or water bike. Pass in front of Rheinsberg Castle aboard your river cruise. The region surrounding the capital is a blue paradise, and one of the largest locations in Europe for water sports.

Located in northeast Germany, the lakes and canals of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg offer an unrivalled selection of river cruises. Lovers of sailing and nature will delight in the fresh air and crystal waters of this region.

Impressive nature reserves are home to abundant flora and fauna: forests, moors, and green meadows are a perfect setting for picnicking, hiking, and biking.

The Medieval city of Brandenburg, the fairy-tale castles of Rheinsberg and Fürstenburg or the Sanssouci Castle in Potsdam; Lake Müritz, the amazing fauna and flora of Spreewald and, of course, Berlin and its surprising architectural restoration, are some of the fantastic places that we can discover sailing in Germany.

In the Mecklenburg region we can find medieval riverside towns with their paved streets and half-timbered houses. The farmhouses on the edge of the lakes and castles of Schwerin, Reinsberg, Fürstenberg and Neustrelitz will give us a glimpse of what daily life was like in the German aristocracy of the time.

In this same region we can enjoy the Müritz lake, which offers visitors the opportunity to practice various water sports. In addition, lovers of sailing and nature will delight in the fresh air and the crystal waters of the lake. Fishing is also allowed so its fans can catch various native species of the place.

The city of Postadm, with its eccentric Danish neighbourhood ideal for shopping fans and the Rococo Castle of Sansoucci, are other places that can be discovered in this region.


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