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Come discover the «Göta Kanal»!

Known for being the greatest wonder of the country, it is also called the blue ribbon of Sweden. This canal runs from Sjötorp on Lake Vänern to Söderköping on the east coast. It thus travels 190 km and is punctuated with 58 locks. The medieval city of Söderköping is idyllic with its paved streets, parks and many tourist sites. You will find many restaurants and cafes in its port.

La Bondens Crêperie och Lanthandel offers regional dishes made from local products. You can also taste the à la carte dishes and discover the great cellar, without forgetting the best Swedish ice cream maker, which offers 60 different types of flavors! Kajutan and KanalKrogen are very nice restaurants and above all don't miss the smoked salmon from Malts Fish koch Delikatesser in Sjötorp.

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