Boat rentals and river cruises in Hungary

A river tourism experience in Hungary is always an adventure in nature.

As in France and other destinations, we give you the possibility to rent a boat without a license in Hungary. As a novelty, you should know that to rent a boat in Hungary it is necessary be at least 21 years old unlike other destinations that is 18 and of course being 2 adults on board.

It is a new destination, a virgin destination for river tourism since until then it was not possible to rent a boat without a permit in Hungary. Discover this paradise where you are surprised by the tranquility of its waters and completely preserved landscapes. Renting a boat in Hungary is a dream for fishermen, ornithologists and boaters.

Navigable regions:

In Hungary you have two regions to discover. You can board the Tokaj region in the north, at the junction between the river Tisza and the river Bodrog or in the port of Kisköre located to the south in the Tisza river almost 1000 km long to navigate between natural parks.

  • In Tokaj you sail through ancient vineyards at the foot of the Zemplén Mountains, ancient volcanoes covered by forests. This region is world famous for its vineyards. From the port of Tokaj you can rent a boat without permission to travel the Bodrog River and the Upper Tisza to the land of the famous Tokaj wine, discovering beautiful landscapes along the way.
  • If you sail through the region of the river Tisza, you embark in Kisköre where you have the possibility to navigate only in a small part of the lake “Tisza-Tó” or “Lake of Tisza” since much of the area is wild. However, you can go around it by the river of the same name (Tisza) and if you want to complete your river cruise with a great adventure, we recommend that you book a canoe or kayak. From here you will sail in the heart of the mythical Great Hungarian Plain and the Hortobágy National Park, along the Tisza River and Lake Tisza.

On your cruise through the region of the river Tisza aboard your boat without permission, you will discover the puszta, a steppe region unique in Europe, where herds of buffalo, oxen and wild horses coexist under the watchful eye of the csikós dressed in the traditional attire.

Both rivers are reserved for recreational navigation, which is perfect so that you do not block your way and you do not come across large cargo ships. On your river cruise you will only find private pleasure boats, fishermen, canoes, jet skis, water skiing, paddle boarding… Say hello, smile and enjoy the adventure.

Unlike other river tourism destinations in Europe, there are no locks in Hungary as the river level is very similar in all areas. However you are going to find yourself with a curiosity, in Tiszadob there is a mobile bridge that still serves traffic. There you meet a technician who ensures the passage of all boats.

When planning the cruise, keep in mind that navigation in Hungary begins in May since the waters of the Tisza come from the mountains and the floods in the river are very frequent in spring in the north (Tokaj). That is why we always recommend going downstream so as not to go against the current and thus gain more speed. You benefit from the current (an average of 4km / h) and then you sail at about 10 or 12 km / h.

Moorings, fishing, baths and shops in Hungary

Moorings: During your river cruise you can moor in simple moorings or in ports more equipped with pontoons that give you access to water, electricity, toilets, showers, etc. In addition, some ports such as Abádszalók have a restaurant and floating pool (Tisza Region) The price per night is approximately 30 euros per boat.

If what you want is to live in nature and sleep under the stars, it is also possible. In that case, you should look for the widest areas of the river where there are buoys that allow you to moor wherever you want. Every 20 or 30 km there are rest points to leave your boat and enjoy a bath, rest or fish while listening to the sound of the birds.

Fishing: If you are a fishing lover, river tourism in Hungary is for you and you only need to buy a permit at the port of embarkation, from there you can get to work. In the Tisza river there is a great diversity of fish, if you cannot wait, you can meet them by visiting the Ecocentro aquarium in Poroszlô, which is a great plan to go with the family.

Bath: When sailing with your boat in Hungary in summer you may want to take a bath and you have several options. You can bathe in the beaches laid out by the water, in the pools prepared with slides or in the famous thermal pools such as Tiszaújváros, Tiszafüred and Sárospatak that contribute to the fame of Hungary. If you prefer, you can take a dip in the river but you must be careful with the currents, especially

Shops: In the past, the Tisza river suffered several floods so that villages and towns have been installed a few km away to avoid future problems. We recommend that you rent at least 2 bikes for shopping and supplies during the river cruise.

In small towns the shops are usually only open in the morning from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. (sometimes until 2 p.m.). In the bigger cities or tourist places like Tokaj shops usually close at 6pm.

Restaurants: Except in the summer season (from June to September) the restaurants are only open for lunch. However, in summer they are also open for dinner but the maximum seating time is at 8pm.

If your thing is good food you cannot miss the "Halászcsárda"Typical Hungarian, fish restaurants and local food, which can be found in almost every village.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Keep in mind that you are going to sail near protected national parks, we ask you to be especially careful with the flora and fauna of the area. During your tour you see a beautiful landscape impossible to describe and the flora that surrounds you is 100 % intact. We ask you to respect everything that surrounds you.
  • Pack your camera and binoculars because they are very useful for bird watching and other charms of nature.
  • All the natural beauty carries with it the presence of insects, including mosquitoes, especially if you tie up in the middle of the Keep in mind that all cabins have mosquito nets but if you want to spend an evening on the terrace you will need them.

Hungary is characterized by its wines and rich gastronomy, but keep in mind that if you are going to drive the boat you should not drink. While you are sailing in Hungary you may come across a control of the River Police which will not hesitate to fine you. Have a good Tokaj wine only if you are not going to pilot the boat or at night.

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