River tourism and cruises in Holland

Knowing one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands aboard a river cruise will be an unforgettable experience.

Picturesque villages and famous flower fields stretch along the canals. From spring to autumn, Holland is full of color and atmosphere with its local fairs and festivals.

Start your cruise from any of the ports we have and sail on the many canals of Holland to discover its nature, the famous mills, its cities ... During your tour you can fish, walk along the banks of the river, have picnics on board or next to the canals ...

To the north, departing from the port of Woudsend, you will find the city of Sneek, the second largest city in Friesland, the main center of an agricultural area, as well as one of the largest yacht ports in the country. Ideal for practicing water sports in its wide and beautiful lakes. You can also sail to Workum to discover the picturesque houses that line the canal and disembark to walk through its attractive shopping streets. This area is ideal for resting and practicing outdoor activities.

On the other hand, from the other ports, take the opportunity to head to the canals of Amsterdam, where going by boat is a way of life. Discover its historical heritage, its charming canal-side cafes, its colorful markets and cheese factories. Amsterdam has an unrivaled network of bike lanes, so don't miss out on renting bikes and then touring this and other amazing cities.

Further south, sail towards Utrecht, a rather small but very beautiful city. And to the north, Edam with its windmills and splendid fauna.

Discover, thanks to river tourism, the wealth of Holland's heritage from a different point of view.
Discover the beauty of the Friesland-Amsterdam coast
Water is inextricably linked to Holland, a country built from the sea and the rivers that flow through its bucolic plains. When navigating the canals of Amsterdam, you will pass windmills, fields of tulips of a thousand colors, charming villages and cosmopolitan cities, which you can travel without haste in a unique trip.

History and heritage

The Friesland-Amsterdam region is home to many places of historical and artistic interest, especially in the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht. In Amsterdam you can visit the Anne Frank house, the royal palace and the Dom Square. In Utrecht you can visit the Stadskasteel Oudaen, a fortified house converted into a brewery


The Lake District is one of the most famous places in Europe for water sports. In Friesland-Amsterdam, sailing is not just a hobby, but a way of life. In Sneek and Grouw you can go canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing and sailing.


Holland is well known for its flat lands, tulip fields and restored windmills. It is wonderful to cycle through the Friesland-Amsterdam region and stop in a small village to sample steamed oysters and mussels, accompanied by a pint of beer.

Amsterdam was founded around 1200 as a fishing village, and already at that time the first dike or "dam" was built. By 1400, it had become a commercial port of great importance, and it continued to grow until it became one of the largest financial centers in Europe in the 18th century. As a consequence of its expansion, three concentric canals were built around the center of the city. Later narrow streets and secondary canals were added, which ended up shaping the current image of Amsterdam, with more than 90 islands and 1280 bridges.

Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague ... many cities in Holland are famous for their beautiful canals. In the past they were used mainly for transport, water management or city defense, but today their use is mainly recreational. Rent a boat, a canoe or a water bike, and see the city from a totally different perspective!

In Amsterdam there are also several places where you can rent water bikes, and quietly explore the beautiful canals of the city. You can rent your water bike at the Rijksmuseum, Leidseplein, the Anne Frank House, and at the corner of Keizergracht and Leidsestraat.

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