River tourism and cruises on the Lot River

Discover the River Lot, following the sinuous course of the rusticas Quercy plateaus in the middle of this wild and protected nature. Sailing under the vertiginous cliffs of Bouziès generates unforgettable sensations.

The waters of the River Lot pass through wide valleys and steep gorges, under limestone cliffs and spectacular waterfalls. These landscapes from your river boat will make it a memorable trip observing ancient castles, medieval villages and historic mansions.

Located in southwestern France, the River Lot flows between cliffs and vineyards through the Quercy region, leaving behind some of the most beautiful villages in France. Discover St Cirq Lapopie, with its winding alleys and its medieval houses or the magnificent city of Cahors, declared Unesco world heritage.

On your cruise on the Lot you can enjoy both rural and cultural tourism, since both are well represented by the palaces, villages, castles and the natural setting that surrounds them. Several monuments and towns have been declared as World Heritage by Unesco.

The entire region is ideal for hiking, as well as for walking or cycling.

Enjoy its gastronomic variety. The venison sausage and the white veal stews, such as the «daube of boeuf«, Next to a good wine from Cahors and the delicious melon of Quercy for dessert.

Visit the medieval castle of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, the many caves and prehistoric remains, the lively alleys of old Cahors, and the villages of the Quercy.

Stroll through Cahors to enjoy a tasting of foie gras, regional wines and truffles. Before returning, do not forget to visit the famous Valentré bridge with its 600 years of existence.

For many of our clients, the River Lot is one of the best destinations for a river cruise.

Currently the barges are habitable ships that from April to October ply the river from Luzech to Larnagol passing through Cahors. You do not need a permit to captain these boats and let yourself be rocked enjoying, at the same time, the landscapes that pass slowly ... You have to plan some maneuvers to cross the 17 locks, the vast majority manual, but this is part of the adventure and! what a wonder to stand at the foot of the medieval village of St Cirq-Lapopie! One week to cover 160 km round trip to the nautical base of your choice, it is ideal to discover the vineyard, the Cahors market and the beautiful villages that line the river.

Main points of interest in the Lot:

  • The caves and prehistoric paintings by Pêche-Merle
  • The village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie registered as «Most beautiful village in France», on top of cliffs in the Regional Natural Park of the Causses du Quercy
  • Cahors, his pont Valentré: also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  14th century
  • The foie gras and truffles
  • The «AOC de Cahors» wines
  • Inland waterway on the Lot: the river Lot

Main cities and town to visit:

  • St Cirq Lapopie: A medieval town declared a historic monument, it is one of the most beautiful in France. Perched on a cliff 100 meters above the Lot, this town invites you to travel back in time among its typical alleys.
  • Cahors: Capital of the department of the Lot, it is located in a meander of the River Lot whose first settlements date back to Roman times. Being the largest population in the Lot, it has several attractions, most of which are concentrated along its compact historic center. 
  • Luzech: A town full of natural and cultural charm, whose visit will not leave you indifferent.
  • Mercues: Charming town that invites you to enter its castles and attend a wine tasting.
  • Cabrerets: Charming town located on the valley of Cele.


  • The locks are open every day of the year, except November 1.


  • Due to the currents in this river, these cruises are recommended to people who have had some previous sailing experience.


  • In spring and autumn there is a risk of flooding, so navigation is not always guaranteed in this area. If this happens and the departure is finally impossible due to these floods, we reserve the possibility of proposing another itinerary.
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