River tourism and cruises in Franche Comté

The region Franche Comté it is the region with more forests in France and is an ideal destination to rent a boat without permission and disconnect from the city to breathe fresh air. Discover nature with its lakes, mountains, ponds, caves, forests, waterfalls and fountains and with its exceptional fauna.

The Saône river is one of the most beautiful rivers in France: you will spend a calm vacation throughout your cruise.

The Franche-Comté region offers you a wide range of routes: the canal from the Ródana to the Rhine with the city of Besançon and its Vauban citadel, Baume les Dames, and all the picturesque villages along each river.

Points of interest in Franche-Comté:

  • The citadel of Besançon. First tourist attraction in the Franche-Comté region
  • The Lods Village: one of the most beautiful villages in France
  • In Belfort: the sculpture of his Lion de Belfort and its citadel of Vauban
  • The city of Arc-en-Senans and its «Salines Royales»
  • The Castle of Joux from the 11th century, rebuilt in the 12th century and later, with Vauban fortifications
  • The Castle d'Oricourt: it is the best preserved medieval castle in the region
  • The Gramont Castle: Magnificent castle of Renaissance style.
  • Inland waterways in Franche-Comté: the Saône river, the Canal from the Ródana to the Rhine and the Channel between Champagne and Burgundy
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