River tourism and cruises on the Burgundy Canal

In the heart of France, you will find a magnificent region: the Loire Valley and Nivernais, includes the Canal du Nivernais, the Yonne River and the Canal Latéral à la Loire. Discover the wonderful pleasure of river tourism in Burgundy on boats without a license. River tourism allows them to discover historical cities such as Dijon, Macon, Nevers and Seurre.

The majestic castles, the colorful gardens, the flourishing vineyards, the medieval villages and the great Roman cities create an idyllic landscape to navigate through the valleys of the Loire and the Nivernais. Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful landscapes, ride a bike and enjoy some of the best wines in the world.

Sail through Burgundy: one of the most picturesque regions that can be found in France.
With a worldwide reputation for wines and their gastronomy, discover the art of good living on our boats without a license.
At the heart of a superb inland waterway network, visit this region of France. The impressive tunnels and aqueducts of La Collancelle are among the many works of art that will amaze you during your cruise. The waterways of the Loire and Nivernais regions are steeped in history and tradition. For centuries, the loggers of the Nivernais have cut down trees and created artificial floods so that the wood could float from the small streams to the river, while in the Loire, the large barges faced currents and floods: the canals were then the first arteries of industry in the Loire Valley and Nivernais regions until the arrival of the railways.

Visit the Burgundy vineyards the best known in the world as Chablis for example.

With a great diversity of landscapes, Burgundy offers you mountain ranges and valleys in the «Dijonnais», as well as meadows and slopes of vineyards of the Mâconnais.

The Burgundy region It is made up of several waterways, all of them with a unique charm for a boat cruise. The canals and rivers of Burgundy are:

Main points of interest for river tourism on the Burgundy canal:

  • Montereau, city of great historical interest
  • Castle of Tanlay and his abbey of Quincy
  • Castle of Ancy-le-Franc
  • Vineyards and wineries of Tonnerre
  • Canal bridge Saint Florentin and his church
  • The cellars and the tunnel Pouilly en Auxois
  • The natural Migennes, strategically located at the crossroads between the beginning of the Burgundy Canal and the Yonne and Armançon rivers
  • Yonne Wine Tourist Route: various circuits around Chablis, Auxerre, Vézelay, Tonnerre and Joigny.


Main cities and towns to visit:

  • Yonne
  • Tanlay: Charming and quaint old-style town.
  • Tonnerre: On the edge of the Armançon river and the Burgundy canal, Tonnerre has the charms of a very old city.
  • Saint-Florentin: A city of great beauty surrounded by forests.


  1. Loire:
  • Roanne: City full of nature and culture, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, heritage and gastronomy.
  • Nevers: As one of the largest cities in the area it is a magnificent place to discover some of the history and heritage of France.
  • Sancerre: Small medieval town located on a hill overlooking the Loire. Wine region primarily known for its Sauvignon Blanc wine
  • Briare: Charming city with the longest bridge in Europe over a canal (the work of the famous Eiffel)
  • Montargis: Typical French town adorned with flowers and with old wooden houses along the canal. One of the largest populations in the area.
  • Elancourt St Quentin in Yvelines: Numerous French monuments and sites are reproduced in miniature, in a space of five hectares that are shaped like a map of France.
  • Between Decize and Châtillon-sur-Loire: It is the circuit where the French Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place


  1. Nivernais Yonne


  • Auxenne: Capital of the Yonne province, located north of the Burgundy region and bordering the Paris region. It is the largest city in the area and contains a valuable heritage.
  • The region of Chablis: World famous area for its excellent white wines, which occupy the first rank in France.
  • Clamecy: A town where you will breathe the scent of flowers.
  • Corbigny: Charming town built around the canal.
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