River tourism and cruises in the Camargue

The Camargue is an extraordinary holiday destination where you can enjoy a different experience. An excellent place to discover from a boat without a permit.

The Camargue region is located to the west of Provence and is delimited by the two arms of the Rhone and the Mediterranean Sea, forming the great marsh of southeastern France. A protected natural area of almost 150,000 hectares of marshes, dunes, infinite pastures and salt flatsA unique landscape where narcissus and tamarisk abound, and a fauna that, in addition to pink flamingos and wild horses, gives the black bulls of its vast moors to the eye.

You will be able to discover one of the most beautiful fauna and flora in all of Europe.
Unique villages and forts, the vestiges of the first crusades will accompany you throughout the river cruise through the Camargue.

Unique towns and forts, the vestiges of the first crusades will accompany you throughout the river cruise through the Camargue.

Among so much natural beauty, you can visit small towns such as fortified city of Aigues-Mortes, the impressive 12th century abbey in St. Gilles or stroll through Agde, one of the oldest cities in France. Venture into the Thau lagoon and live a marine navigation experience while discovering cozy and welcoming ports such as those of Frontignan or Marseillan. Let yourself be seduced by the regional gastronomy and enjoy the cuisine of the fishermen of the pier of Sète. Do not forget to try the wines of the area, such as Costières de Nîmes (AOD) or the aperitif Frontignan Muscat.

Relax in the mediterranean beaches, accessible on foot or by bike from numerous places near the berth, or explore the wild and mythical side of the Camargue. The salt marshes and the great natural park They are privileged places that are home to a very diversified fauna where you can observe flamingos, bulls, wild horses and some 350 species of cataloged birds that migrate and nest in the Rhone delta.

There are very few locks in the Camargue and none in the Thau Lagoon. This region is perfect for beginner boaters or those looking for easy navigation. You have to pay attention and be careful with the strong winds from the Étang de Thau.

Main cities of the Camargue:

  • Aigues-Mortes: Old walled city specialized in the production of salt. Known for being the first French port in the Mediterranean and an important medieval fortress.
  • Saint-Gilles: The city owes its name to Saint Gil the Hermit and was one of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites in the 12th century. Discover its extensive heritage, charming old streets and buildings made of old stones.
  • Sète: Known as the Venice of the Mediterranean due to the large number of canals that cross it, it is a magnificent city that is worth visiting. You can stroll along the beautiful Promenade de la Corniche and visit the churches and monuments in the center.
  • Beaucaire: Small town rich in history and art, where you can discover the tradition of bullfighting and many monuments
  • Béziers: Art and charm are based in this city, the second largest on the Canal du Midi.
  • Frontignan: Village of Languedoc Roussillon, located on the shore of the Mediterranean, in the Gulf of Aigües Mortes, and extremely well known for its Muscat (muscat). It extends longitudinally near a set of lagoons and marshes that separate it from direct contact with the sea, where it has beaches.

Main points of interest in the Camargue:

  • Sunny weather all year round
  • Simple river navigation without locks to the Thau pond
  • Beaches and cities by the sea
  • The picturesque ports (Aigues-Mortes, Marseillan, Bouzigues)
  • An exceptional fauna and flora
  • Fresh seafood and snacks ("Muscat" in Frontignan, "Noilly Prat" in Marseillan)
  • Inland waterways in the Camargue: the canal du Rhône à Sète, the pond of Thau, the canal du Midi, the Petit Rhône and the canal du Robine
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