Boat rentals and river cruises in Brittany

A river tourism experience in Brittany is always steeped in history and mystery.

In this beautiful region, rich in Celtic and medieval history, granite fortresses and castles loom in the distance, surrounded by quaint little villages of houses with traditional slate roofs.
If you look carefully at the map of Brittany you will notice that an immensity of rivers run through its vast territory. Although many are considered canals, they are actually backwater rivers with locks to better control floods and high tides, which are very common on the French northwest coast. Your boat trip in Brittany will focus primarily on the pleasant Nantes to Brest canal, which winds for 360 kilometers from Nantes to Brest, spanning the Aulne, Oust, Isac and Erdre rivers. Another set of waterways branches from north to south. To the north we find the Canal d'Illle-et-Rance, little traveled and that joins the imposing river Vilaine in Rennes. If you head north towards Dinan you will find the canal, and if you go south along the Vilaine you will end up reaching the sea, at the commercial port of La Roche-Bernard. The Villaine is 218 kilometers long and is a true delight.

Let your imagination fly in the French land of legends, as you pass through thick groves of hydrangeas and allow the air to refresh you. Discover the mysterious facet of ancient Armorica or the history woven into the landscape of the Dukes of Brittany.

This ancestral land has generated a multitude of myths that are recreated in local festivals throughout the year: disembark to experience the magic of this landscape and take part in these seasonal celebrations.

Discover the pleasure of river tourism in Brittany with boats without a license. River tourism allows you to discover historic cities such as Nantes, Brest or Redon.

During the cruise on the Nantes à Brest Canal and the Vilaine River, enter the land of legends and Druid witches. The Nantes à Brest canal is the most beautiful of all the routes on the Breton rivers.

On your river cruise through Brittany, you can visit Dinan Zoo and take part in the Saint Lawrence of Blain festival, which takes place in August and features jugglers and other activities. Also drop by the La Gacillly Butterfly Reserve and the Malestroit Water Museum.

Your trip to Brittany will be marked by culinary discoveries based on fish and shellfish due to the proximity to the North Atlantic coast and by cultural visits. During your itinerary, moor the boat at one of our bases for an excursion to the cities of Nantes and Rennes. With its myriad of museums, historical monuments, good restaurants and lively nightlife venues, they are essential stages of the cruise

Main points of interest in Brittany:

  • Josselin Castle (12th century)
  • Ancient towns like La Gacilly
  • Redon, the “little Venice” of Brittany
  • The magnificent Castles of the 13th and 19th centuries on the river Erdre in the direction of Nantes
  • St Pierre-le-Paul Cathedral and Nantes Castle
    Rennes, capital of Brittany: Thabor gardens, 13th century manors and the Parliament
  • Dinan ancient city and its unique point of view
  • Gastronomic specialties: galettes and crêpes, seafood, cider ...
  • Inland waterways in Brittany: the Canal de Nantes à Brest, the river Vilaine, the Canal de l´Ile-et-France, the river Erdre

Cities and towns to visit:

  • Rennes : City of art and history. The capital of Brittany is one of the most dynamic cities in France and is known mainly for its quality of life.
  • Nantes: One of the most beautiful cities in France, it houses a large number of historical monuments.
  • Redon: Typical city of Brittany that invites you to enjoy its traditions and local folklore.
  • Dinan : Dream medieval citadel. With its almost three kilometers of ramparts, Dinan and its 14th century castle will conquer you.
  • The Gacilly : A town full of flowers that sprout and paint the streets and bridges with colors and give it a special charm.
  • Josselin : In the heart of French Brittany we find this fairytale village, with its narrow streets, its castle, bridges that cross a peaceful river and houses with flowery windows.


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The tour is beautiful and the locks decorated with more flowers. The lovely people, the wonderful villages and the fabulous scenery. A holiday to recommend, especially to families or groups of friends with children, due to the tranquility and the number of stopping points. Thanks again to the Danfluvial staff for everything from minute 1 and to the lockers in the area.
Elisa H.
Ship: Tarpon 32. Redon Base. 06-26-2009. 7 days.
We had already done other cruises but we especially liked this one because of the landscape and towns. Our favorite town has been Gacilly and the way to get there by a river. La Gacilly is a fairytale town, all made of stone and there was also a highly recommended exhibition of photographs. We have become in love with this destination.
Antonio F.
Ship: Royal Mystique. Base: Messac. Date 10/5/2019. 7 days.
We loved the experience, it was only two days but we were lucky to get to Nantes and combine city and country. If I had to highlight, the tranquility of the navigation and also the gastronomy. Delicious crêpes. One but, the cold did not cool well, we notified the port but since it was only two days they could not fix it.
Ismael A.
Base: Suce sur Erdre. Ship: Nicols 1000. Date: 10/10/2019. 3 nights.

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