Boat rentals and river cruises in Anjou

Discover river tourism in Anjou with boats without a license: it allows you to discover historical cities such as Laval, Angers or Le Mans.

Anjou, a pocas horas de París, y situado entre la región de Pays de la Loire y Bretaña, los ríos Mayenne, Sarthe y Oudon, ¡Una región única! Podrá navegar del Canal de la Mancha al Atlántico, o en el otro sentido, pasando sucesivamente por el Canal de Ile y Rance 84 km. 48 esclusas y luego el Vilaine 90 km, 13 esclusas; y del Este al Oeste, o en el otro sentido, por el Canal de Nantes a Brest 208km, 98 esclusas que se prolonga con el Blavet 57 km, 28 esclusas.

El Anjou le propone 275 km de ríos navegables exclusivamente reservados a la navegación deportiva. El Maine 11 km, 1 esclusa, el Oudon 18 km, 3 esclusas, el Sarthe 126 km, 20 esclusas y el Mayenne 120 km, 45 esclusas.

Brittany has a network of inland waterways completely administratively independent from the rest of the French network. During the summer, the locks are open every day without exception; even on holidays.

The region is easily accessible by car, TGV or by plane (regular or low-cost lines).

Navega en paisajes estupendos con bosques y pase por pueblos encantadores típicos. En el país de los 3 ríos, descubre el arte de vivir en Anjou. Al borde del agua, se despliegan las riquezas: castillos, abadías, molinos, gastronomía, sin olvidar los placeres de la naturaleza.

Also discover the Mayenne river with its picturesque villages and stop in Angers, city of King René.

Bretaña, tierra de mitos y de leyendas, donde las tradiciones ancestrales todavía se perpetúan, es una región que supo conservar su idioma, sus costumbres, y el folklore de su pasado. Este país de magia y de misterios le deslumbrará por su riqueza y su universo increíble.
La Bretaña es muy original por las influencias múltiples y variadas que han marcado su historia. Disfrutará sin duda alguna de las leyendas bretonas, herederas de los cuentos celtas que se transmiten de generación a otra.

Savor freshwater fish cooked with butter. The famous "rillettes" (homemade pâté) or fine pork rinds. When passing through Angers, try their "rillauds" (pork cooked in its fat). The “bonnotte” (potato) and the “mogette” (bean) are the ideal accompaniment to your dishes, and finally the dessert: “brioche vendéenne”, a typical cake of the region.

Stroll through the vineyards of Anjou, from La Varenne to Saumur, passing through magnificent landscapes and stopping to taste their good wine.

Points of interest in Anjou and Pays de la Loire:

  • Castles, country houses and palaces
  • The Wines of Anjou (28 wines classified AOC) and the typical gastronomy of the region
  • Chenillé-Changé is classified “village de charme” (charming town) and belongs to the villages with the most flowers in France.
  • Laval and its Castle on the Mayenne River
  • Angers, city of the Plantagenêts kings with its impressive medieval castle towers over the city and the David Museum
  • Le Mans, very famous for its racing: "Les 24H du Mans"
  • The Benedictine abbey in Solesmes
  • The typical cookies of the city of Sablé
  • The bike paths along the Mayenne and Daon rivers
  • The town of Châteauneuf with a very present history of the sailors of Gabarres
  • Inland waterways in Anjou: the Mayenne River, the Sarthe River and the Oudon River

Cities and towns to visit in Anjou:

Angers: Angers es la puerta de entrada del Valle del Loira, incluido en el patrimonio mundial de la humanidad por la UNESCO. Sorprende por la riqueza de su patrimonio y su calidad de vida, siendo uno de los más bellos tesoros de la cultura francesa.

Chenillé Changé: Picturesque town of great cultural interest and beautiful landscapes.

Chateneuf-sur-Sarthe: Village built on a hill overlooking the right bank of the Sarthe slope.

Sable-sur-Sarthe: Medieval city with strong industrial potential. The city combines infrastructure with valleys and rivers. The marina is one of the most dynamic in the West. Sable is the largest river tourism base in the Sarthe

Useful information:

  • En la base de laval* está restringido el uso de algunos modelos de barco a causa de la altura de algunos puentes durante su recorrido. Consultanos.
  • La base de Châteauneuf* solo estará abierta los meses de julio y agosto. Consultanos.
  • Relatively few locks in this area and they are open every day of the year.

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My level of satisfaction is high, and that everything went according to schedule and the attention has been cordial and respectful. If I repeat myself, it would be the fourth time, without a doubt I would do it with you. Thank you for showing interest in knowing my experience and for everything.
Luis Perez
Base: Grez Neuville Ship: Nicols PRIMO Trip made on 08/05/2019. 7 days.
It has been a pleasure navigating the Mayenne and L´oudon. The memory that we keep of our vacations is calm, sympathy and good humor on the part of everyone with whom we come across in the locks, except that of some fishermen.
Emilie P.
Base: Grez Neuville Barco Nicols Quattro 08/01/20. 7 days.
They were an amazing vacations. After having sailed twice on the canal du midi and once on the Canal de la Garonne, it was a pleasure to discover the Mayenne and its tranquility. As for the boat, just put a but, they did not provide us with a parasol and in the middle of August we miss it, otherwise everything is great.
Lucia S.
Base: Chenillé-Changé. Ship: Tarpon 320. 09/07/2016. 7 days.