Boat rentals and river cruises on the Rideau Canal

River cruise on the Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is a canal located in Ontario, Canada. It divides the city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is an important tourist spot in the city, with various wooded paths and walks and parks in its vicinity. The Rideau Canal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

 If you like abundant nature, navigate the Rideau through its 202 km between Ottawa and Kingston. Enjoy a unique river experience in the heart of Canada. The Rideau Canal is one of the most beautiful waterways in North America.

A river cruise on the Rideau Canal is a nature experience between lakes. The Rideau Canal is one of the greatest engineering works of the 19th century and is also the oldest functioning canal in North America.  It was built as a military supply route between Montreal and Kingston in the event of a US invasion of Canada. It began in 1826 through a desert of rough brush, swamps, and rocky terrain.

The Rideau Canal and Parks Canada go a long way, you can fish, rent a bike, visit Victorian cities and fortifications.

Irresistible plans for a river cruise on the Rideau Canal:

  • Fishing
  • Bike ride
  • Picnic by the locks of the Rideau Canal. Long Island Locks They are perfect for picnicking, fishing and watching the boats go by.
  • Camping in the lock camps (maintained by the friendly staff of Parks Canada) Yes, you can pitch a tent around many locks on the Rideau Canal, enjoying a well-equipped campsite.
  • Visit of important cities such as Kingston, Otawwa or Peth.
  • Of course visit the essential towns of Manotick with Watson's mill, Merrickville which is the most beautiful town in Canada with its stone houses. The Smith Falls where you can embark and is a town that offers many cultural and nature activities.
  • Perth : Connected to the Rideau Canal via the Tay Canal, Perth is a beautiful 200-year-old city known for its limestone buildings. Highlights include festivals and events, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, hiking, horse riding, golf, museums, history, camping, regional parks, protected areas, crafts, farmers markets, ... Perth has a wide variety of restaurants and exclusive shops.
  • Stay in one of the oTENTIKs from Parks Canada. A mix between a rustic cabin and a tent, the Parks Canada oTENTik is a relaxing and easy way to experience camping.

Existen 2 puertos donde puedes alquilar un barco fluvial en el Canal Rideau,  Smiths falls in the middle of the canal and from the new base in Seeley's Bay south of the Rideau where you can do mini cruises, week long cruises or super cruises roundtrip or one way. A river cruise in Canada allows you to disconnect and get to know this incredible country even more. Depending on your route, we will advise you where to go and which route to take.

The Rideau features 24 lock stations and 47 locks. In each lock you can count on the help of 3 or 4 lockers.

Discover Canada through the 3 Rideau regions.

By chartering a riverboat without a permit in Canada, you navigate the Rideau Canal. As you sail you explore the 3 most fascinating regions of Ontario: Ottawa with its wonderful nearby countryside, the rugged and rugged landscape in the Ontario Highlands (Ontario's Highlands) and the impressive lakes and plains that mark Kingston and the Great Waterway (GREAT WATERWAY)

  • Ottawa: It is a unique place where you hear both French and English while you walk through its streets. An urban center next to nature where you can contemplate its architecture while discovering national treasures as there are 7 museums in the city, to highlight Parliament Hill (Parliament Hill) which is the centerpiece of the landscape of downtown Ottawa , the political and cultural heart of the city. In summer, a massive yoga session takes place on the lawn at noon on Wednesdays, and at night the buildings turn into a spectacular sound and light show.
  • The Ontario Highlands : It is a very beautiful, unspoiled region located between Ottawa and Toronto. This place is the perfect place for a getaway to disconnect for a day. Rent a kayak or a bike and let yourself be carried away by its calm waters or its trails to enjoy nature. Lose yourself in history during a performance at the Classic Theater Festival or discover Perth's rich history during a theatrical walking tour.
  • Kingston: es una ciudad cargada de historia donde la gastronomía, la cultura y el arte se encuentran. A destacar los festivales y eventos de fama mundial, los artistas locales y mucho más de dia y de noche.Combina perfectamente el encanto de una pequeña ciudad con todo lo que pueden ofrecer las grandes ciudades.Es la ciudad con más restaurantes de canada asi que aprovecha la oportunidad para probar la rica gastronomia. Si te gustan los museos visita el museo vivo, Fort Henry, donde los visitante entran en el reino de la vida militar del siglo XIX.
  • Moorings: As you cruise the Rideau you have different mooring options, both private and public marinas as well as rings of Parks Canada (located next to the locks) that propose moorings for the night and offer facilities and services.

Unlike other destinations, in Canada it is necessary to pay with the reservation a supplement between 50 and 80 euros depending on the duration of the cruise. With this supplement you have covered all the Parks Canada moorings as well as the moorings in the ports of Portland, Perth and Westport (the first two mooring points are free for Le Boat, standard rate for the others). The “first come, first served” system operates in each marina / port. The plugs to the dock are excluded from the mooring service.

Tanto si te gusta la cultura como la naturaleza tenemos claro que el Rideau es el destino perfecto para ti. Consulta los barcos disponibles y embárcate a bordo en un barco fluvial sin permiso en Canadá.



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