River tourism and cruises in Belgium

We suggest you tour the northwest of Belgium, specifically the Belgian region of Westhoek, aboard a houseboat.

Discover the beautiful landscapes and historic cities of Belgium connected through its inland waterways. With departures from two different ports, in this region you will combine green and cultural tourism. In these lowlands, a paradise for seabirds and beach lovers, rivers and canals intertwine that make up a network of 1,570 kilometers of inland waterways, used for both business and pleasure trips.

Your boat holidays on the canals of the area will pass between mills, meadows, marshes, beaches, castles and lively cities with impressive Gothic buildings.

Crossing the river Ijzer you can visit the Gothic city of Ghent, former Flemish capital, as well as the ancient city of Bruges (Unesco world heritage) and many other historic cities.

At the port of Nieuwpoort you will be able to enjoy a city with a lot of charm and that has some great beaches of fine sand. If you leave from Eeklo, Take the opportunity to get to know one of the cities considered one of the most important in this region, with a particular beauty and a lot of charm. Thousands of visitors flock to the beautiful beaches of Neiuwpoort and Oostende every year looking for the sun and the fun of the North Sea. On your boat vacation in Flanders you can enjoy a good swim and then relax in a bar located in front of the lake.

Along your route you will find typical Flanders towns and villages, you can stop wherever you want and enjoy the local cuisine: mussels and chips and of course its fabulous chocolate. Do not forget to also visit some of its famous breweries.

Belgium - famous for its chocolate, its beers and its lace - will welcome you with open arms and a warm welcome, no matter what area you visit. Its vast green fields, its ancient cities and other treasures are connected by its lustrous Flemish canals. Throughout your river cruise, the historical and cultural heritage of this small country will be at your feet. Visit local monuments, museums, factories or markets and take your time during stopovers to enjoy this enchanting country.

Also enjoy the national Belgian gastronomy, the exquisite mussels and the fried potatoes, accompanied by one of the more than 300 varieties of Belgian beers.

A river cruise in Belgium will give you the possibility to visit, among others, these famous cities, with the advantage of being able to arrive with your river cruise directly in the cities to visit them on foot or by bicycle.

  • Brugges:  A friendly city, which preserves a rich legacy from a long time ago. The beauty of its houses, the charm of its canals and the pride of its old buildings will not leave you indifferent. Since 2000 this old city has been a Unesco world heritage site.
  • Nieuwpoort: With its magnificent dunes full of white sands and its incredible beaches it is a quiet place to discover.
  • Eeklo: Considered the most important city in this region, it has dazzling beauty and landscapes
  • Ypres: Historic city in Flanders with a lot of medieval charm. An important center for the fabric trade in the Middle Ages, it was also a bastion of allied resistance.
  • Gent: Capital of the province of East Flanders, it is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe. No other Belgian city has so many outstanding monuments and buildings as well as breweries. Waterways are usually wide, do not have tides and are therefore simple to navigate. To get to Ghent, you go through a canal built in 1886, which is just one of the waterways that makes navigating Belgium so special.

If you browse Belgium, you will find wide, tidal-free waterways, with which it will be very easy to pilot your boat without permission.

Your tour in Belgium aboard a river boat will be unforgettable!

Go ahead and come and discover Belgium in a different way!

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