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Bicycles: we recommend to rent bicycles since most of destinations have a footpath next to the canal to go over the ways that border the canal and explore its natural environment and villages. You can also use them to do purchases or go to markets in the villages and buy fresh products.



Mooring and experiencing. During your cruise you can stop wherever you want and explore the area, make picnics, visit villages and discover its history and traditions, try the local gastronomy…

Swimming is allowed in some canals, rivers and lakes of our destinations, however, it is preferable to consult it before booking, since in some destinations is completely forbidden.

Fishing can be practised in almost all the countries, but each one has different regulations when it comes to it. If your main interest is fishing, we recommend you to consult the destinations before making your reservation.

Kilclare, Shannon Erne Waterway

You can also enjoy your free time aboard the boat. You can sunbath on the deck or enjoy nice meals if you dispose of a sundeck. Inside, you can organise gatherings with your family and friends and spend nice moments observing the landscapes, piloting the boat, passing through locks…

Depending on which will be your destination, you can practise other activities, as for example kayaking, windsurfing, horseback riding…

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