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Houseboat rentals

Houseboat rental will allow you to appreciate, without any navigation licence, in a full quietness, with an unusual viewpoint, the European waterway patrimony wealth in France, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium ... This kind of cruise will offer you a good opportunity to relax yourself and being in contact with Nature and visiting beautiful countries. It will be an opportunity to discover a fascinating culture, history, an other way of life and tasting the local specialities.

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Our destinations:

Houseboat rentals Alsace - Lorraine, France

Houseboat rentals Alto Douro (Porto), Portugal

Houseboat rentals Anjou, France

Houseboat rentals Aquitaine, France

Houseboat rentals Ardennes, France

Houseboat rentals Brittany, France

Houseboat rentals Burgundy - Canal latéral à la Loire, France

Houseboat rentals Burgundy Nivernais - Yonne, France

Houseboat rentals Camargue, France

Houseboat rentals Canal de Bourgogne, France

Houseboat rentals Canal du Midi, France

Houseboat rentals Charente, France

Houseboat rentals Flanders - Belgique, Belgium

Houseboat rentals Franche Comté, France

Houseboat rentals Göta Canal - Sweden, Sweden

Houseboat rentals Grande Lago, Portugal

Houseboat rentals Holland, Holland

Houseboat rentals Lot, France

Houseboat rentals Mazurian Lakes, Poland

Houseboat rentals Mecklenburg - Brandenburg, Germany

Houseboat rentals Republica Checa, Czech Republic

Houseboat rentals Scotland, Scotland

Houseboat rentals Shannon - Erne, Ireland

Houseboat rentals Thames River, England

Houseboat rentals Venice, Italy

Consul rental price of our houseboats :

boating holidays Alsace - Lorraine, France

boating holidays Alto Douro (Porto), Portugal

boating holidays Anjou, France

boating holidays Aquitaine, France

boating holidays Ardennes, France

boating holidays Brittany, France

boating holidays Burgundy - Canal latéral à la Loire, France

boating holidays Burgundy Nivernais - Yonne, France

boating holidays Camargue, France

boating holidays Canal de Bourgogne, France

boating holidays Canal du Midi, France

boating holidays Charente, France

boating holidays Flanders - Belgique, Belgium

boating holidays Franche Comté, France

boating holidays Göta Canal - Sweden, Sweden

boating holidays Grande Lago, Portugal

boating holidays Holland, Holland

boating holidays Lot, France

boating holidays Mazurian Lakes, Poland

boating holidays Mecklenburg - Brandenburg, Germany

boating holidays Republica Checa, Czech Republic

boating holidays Scotland, Scotland

boating holidays Shannon - Erne, Ireland

boating holidays Thames River, England

boating holidays Venice, Italy


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